Tri-Mag Supreme Night Powder

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  • A nutritional and herbal formulation with sedative properties to promote sleep
  • Provides 313 mg of magnesium from three sources of magnesium for enhanced physiological effect
  • Contains Amino acid chelate, Glycerophosphate and Orotate
  • Includes therapeutic doses of Lavender, Sour cherry and California poppy

A great tasting, high dose magnesium combination of three highly bioavailable and absorbable forms of magnesium, together with traditional therapeutic herbal ingredients, used to support the symptoms of stress and promote restful sleep.

Carefully formulated to only include the specific and most bioavailable forms of magnesium needed to support the important role of magnesium in muscle health, with the added benefit of traditional sleep tonic.

This traditional sleep tonic in Tri-Mag Supreme includes a therapeutic blend of lavender, sour cherry and California poppy extract. As with all of our magnesium formulations, TriMag Supreme also includes our GIVOMAG, an innovative clinically trialled and patented form of organic Magnesium, known as magnesium glycerophosphate and has been proven in clinical studies to enhance the absorption of magnesium directly into the GI tract.

GIVOMAG is the only form of organic magnesium proven to have the highest level of elemental magnesium. Unlike other organic & in-organic forms of magnesium GIVOMAG does not cause any nausea or flatulence.

Recommended Dosage:

  • 4g per day
  • 40 serves

1 review for Tri-Mag Supreme Night Powder

  1. Ineke Blakey

    This product is excellent and gives a great night’s sleep!!

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