Body Right Package Deal


10 Week Program

$799.95 or 6 x weekly payments of $150


This package deal can be online or face to face in our Wairau Clinic. You tell us your preference.

This programme is for you if you struggle with:

  • Dropping body fat
  • Low Energy
  • Your relationship with food
  • Blood sugar balance
  • Sugar Cravings
  • Have yo-yo dieted for years and are ready to reach your goal weight and
    maintain it
  • Brain fog


  • 1 x Carb Choice (AMY1 gene) functional test. This DNA test will reveal your tolerance to starch in carbohydrates by testing the AMY 1 salivary amylase. Knowing your Amy 1 gene variation will reveal the following:
    1. How effectively you can metabolise and tolerate carbohydrates and gluten
    2. Are carbohydrates contributing to increased weight
    3. Whether carbohydrates are contributing to your diabetes risk
    4. How many grams of carbohydrates should you be eating each day to achieve
      or maintain good health
    5. What are the best forms of carbohydrates for you, and what should be
    6. Your effectiveness at metabolising carbohydrates for energy?
    7. Knowing if certain carbohydrates affect your physical wellbeing?
  • 1 x 60 min initial consultation
  • 3 x 30 min follow up consultations
  • Anthropometric measurements (body fat %)
  • Complete tailored nutrition plan that is specific to your health goals, recommendations on lifestyle factors, loads of tasty recipes, supplementation recommendation (if required) and an overall understanding of a balanced lifestyle.
  • 1 x free pass to the fasting mimicking diet
  • Access to Key Nutrition’s treasure chest of weight loss resources
  • Ongoing email support


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