Healthy Tips Over the Festive Season

Healthy eating over the festive season can be challenging as there is often a lot more food and alcohol around, not to mention the extra social events there are to attend. It is important to remember that this is a time to relax with loved ones and delicious food is part of the enjoyment so if you are having a few extra bits and pieces make sure you just relax and enjoy it, without guilt! 

1. Keep up your vegetable intake- Fill at least half your plate with non-starchy vegetables and then add your meat/ protein source and complex carbs. 

2. Enjoy alcohol free drinks– Go for Kombucha, soda water with fruit or coconut water on some occasions and try to have alcohol free days! Stay hydrated– ensure you are drinking at least one full glass of water with every alcoholic drink! 

3. Stay active- keep moving everyday, go for walks with family or friends, swim in the sea and fit in the odd gym or outdoor workout when you can! It all counts

4. Give your liver some love- Start the day right with this liver cleansing smoothie and try to reduce toxic load when you can (caffeine, alcohol, refined sugar, preservatives/ additives), give your liver a break (fast if needed) and eat lots of green cruciferous vegetables and drink some organic green tea! 

5. Avoid standing near food- It is easy to overeat when you are standing right next to the grazing table. Get a napkin with a few of your favourite things and make conversation somewhere else in the room.

6. Take your time to enjoy your food and chew it well- Remember it takes around 20 minutes for your stomach to send messages to your brain that you are satisfied so slow down! Chewing can help aid with digestion too! 

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone! Enjoy, relax and spend this time with your family and friends. Remember not to feel guilty, no-one is perfect and everyone enjoys a treat every now and again.

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