Whole Body Collagen (375g)


Whole Body Collagen is a dairy free protein source containing three clinically studied (GELITA) collagen peptides – Fortigel®, Fortibone® and Verisol®. Research shows their efficacy for supporting healthy connective tissue building, muscle repair, joint health, bone maintenance, and skin elasticity.

GELITA collagen peptides are short-chain protein building blocks produced by hydrolysis of native collagen. Independent from their molecular weight, the bioavailable collagen fibre peptides are rapidly absorbed by the body. Whole Body Collagen is flavourless and heat stable allowing it to be used in food applications, either in solid or liquid form.

Contains no: Dairy, gluten, soy, nuts, preservatives, flavours, colours sweeteners and excipients.

Recommended Dosage:

  • 1 x scoop in the morning (if you have joint pain or gut issues)
  • 1 x scoop in the evening mixed in your sleep tea or water to help with sleep
  • 30 serves


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