5 Day Fast

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Introducing the Fasting Mimicking Diet

Discover the new science to slow ageing, fight disease and manage your weight! The internationally renowned, clinically tested, revolutionary diet programme to fight disease, live a longer, healthier life and maintain weight. This diet was created by Dr Valter Longo, an Italian Biologist and expert in the field of ageing. He sought to replicate the benefits of fasting while still providing the body with nutrition. His modifications avoid the calorie deprivation associated with other types of fasting.

How it works

Unlike the majority of diets out there on the market, the FMD is supported by research.

The first day of the meal plan will consist of the highest amount of calories, then it will reduce from days two- five. There is no meat or animal products consumed throughout the five days. The meal plan is gluten, dairy free and vegan friendly.

The unique combination of nutrients and reduction in calories is meant to trick your body into thinking it is fasting, even though it’s been given energy. Because calories vary between days, it’s important that dieters do not mix foods or carry foods over into the next day. You must follow the meal plan accurately, this includes weighing or measuring your food to the exact portions.

Unlike the majority of diets out there on the market, the FMD is supported by research. There are several studies that have demonstrated the health benefits of similar fasting methods.

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For just $69.95 (one fast), $189.95 (three fasts) or my VIP Fasting Package Deal, the five day meal plan has been carefully created so you eat a restricted amount of calories per day with differential macronutrient percentages so you can switch on fat burning nutritional ketosis. The macro-nutrient breakdown consists of high fat, low protein and moderate carbohydrate. Each five day fast will have a different menu that has been adapted to the season.

Why do another fast?

It is recommended to do the five day fast three times consecutively (e.g once a month for three months) to maximise the health . Then drop back to once every 3-6 months depending on your health and wellbeing, which is totally up to the individual.

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What's Included?

Five Day Meal Plan (carefully calculated) including recipes
FMD Benefits and Side Effects
Shopping List for the five days
Recipe Book
Be part of our facebook community group where we will share our journey together

Benefits Include

Reduction in visceral belly fat - Switch on fat burning, nutritional ketosis
Autophagy. Cellular regeneration and increase circulating stem cells.
Reduction in blood sugar and cholesterol levels
Reduction in inflammation
Reduced brain fog

To read more about the research of the health benefits included, please click here.  

Package Deals


For those people who are just wanting to fast once.


To maximise the health benefits of the fasting mimicking diet, it is recommended to do this three times consecutively (e.g once a month for three months).

  • Access to 3 x Five Day Fasts
  • 3 x 30 Minute Phone Consultations (either before or after the fasts) to discuss your health goals


This is perfect kickstart for getting your health back on track. This package deal includes:

  • Access to 3 x Five Day Fasts
  • 3 x 30 Minute Phone Consultations (either before or after the fasts) to discuss your health goals


This is for those who are serious about transforming their health and reduce the ageing process. This package deal includes:

  • Access to 6 x Five Day Fasts
  • 6 x 30 Minute Phone Consultations (either before or after the fasts) to discuss your health goals
Symptoms you may experience during the five day fast:

Fatigue / Weakness



Muscle Soreness

Sugar Cravings

Brain Fog


Browse our frequently asked questions…

Who should engage in the FMD?
The FMD is intended for use by healthy individuals who want to enhance their health and well-being and by individuals who struggle with weight and want to proactively manage their weight in an easy and healthy way.
Who should avoid the FMD?
Women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or anyone who is underweight or malnourished. I would also not advise anyone to do this diet if they have any history of an eating disorder or are under a lot of stress. If you have a serious health condition like diabetes or kidney disease- then please only use this plan under a Doctor’s supervision.
How frequently should I do the FMD?
Dr Valter Longo does recommends to do the FMD once a month for three months consecutively initially to maximise the health benefits. After completing the 1st three cycles, you can do the program from time to time when you are looking for rejuvenation.It should be limited to no more then once a month to avoid nutrient deficiencies. Individuals that suffer with high blood pressure/ cholesterol, abdominal obesity, high fasting glucose, diabetes, CVD, cancer or neurodegenerative diseases are advised to do the FMD once a month.
Can I exercise on the FMD?
It is recommended that you only do light exercise while doing the LFD. This includes walking, stretching and yoga. Avoid high intensity exercise.
Can I drink coffee and tea during the FMD?
Yes, but you must limit it to two black coffees or teas per day (no sugar, milk, cream etc). You can drink as much herbal tea as you desire. It is recommended that you drink herbal tea to help to detoxification process, decrease hunger and to stay hydrated.
After a round of the FMD, what are the guidelines around what to eat?
A Mediterranean style diet that consists of more vegetables and legumes, more foods containing vitamins and minerals and essential fatty acids, less animal foods, with the exception of low-mercury fish, and low, but sufficient, proteins.
If I have food allergies or intolerances, can I still do the FMD?
The LFD is gluten free, dairy free, grain free, soy free and vegan friendly. If you do have intolerances to certain ingredients in the plan I send you then please get in contact with me so I can give you substitutes.
Can I still take supplements on the FMD?
Dr Valter Longo does recommend to take a break from your supplements but if you choose too you can continue taking your supplements that are free from animal products, amino acids, sugar and calories.
Does the meal plan change every month?
The meal plan is created seasonally to maximise nutrient density and make it budget friendly for you! You can use the same meal plan if you want too but it is always beneficial to get variety every month. You also become part of the private facebook group page where we share our journey together and I keep you updated with daily live videos on the physiological changes your body is going through.

“The Longevity Diet is the key to living a longer, healthier and more fulfilled life.”

The Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD) is a key component to increasing longevity, reduce the ageing process and has been recommended to do 2-6 times per year to maximize health.”

– Dr Valter Longo